Melbourne Cup: A Day Off.

It’s a public holiday here today, which tells you a lot about the city I live in.

As far as I know this is the only place in the world that has a holiday for a horse race [it’s Melbourne Cup Tuesday here].

This also tells you a lot about my city of Melbourne and it’s love affair [obsession] with sport.

It’s a beautiful day, which is not a given for this time of the year and we are taking it quietly in our house. My wife just ventured out into the garden for only the second time this year! Weeds are now in bags and a very nice cup of coffee was consumed on our recently rebuilt back deck.

My lawn mower died a few weeks ago and it is difficult to get such things fixed at this time of the year so the lawns are getting a bit jungle like. It has been raining quite a bit but now it is warm and the grass is rapidly getting to be taller than the dogs. The lawn looks great when it’s long but it is impractical when you have small dogs.


Speaking of small dogs, Zed is having ‘one of those days’. His tummy hurts. He eats possum poo and his tummy gets very sore. This usually manifests itself in the middle of the night and no one gets any sleep, but today it surfaced at breakfast time and he is working through it as I type. Nothing we can do for him until he feels like eating [just got told that he is in the kitchen eating his breakfast….. 6 hours later]. Hopefully he will be feeling well enough to go for a walk on this beautiful day.

Work has well and truly begun on the McDonalds store up on the highway and as one of the security guards loves one of my dogs, he gives us the inside tips on how it is going. January is the likely finish date. With all the silliness that has been going on around this project , it will be good to see it finished. It will be the Maccas with the best view in Australia.

Not feeling all that well today but my spirits are high after a week where I got a lot of positive feedback on stories I have written. One story obviously struck a chord with a lady who had recently lost her father. This is a story that I’m very proud of and it has gotten a lot of attention.

I also received some positive feedback from writers I follow, on a recent story. My ego needs constant feeding and it got a lot this week.

If you are in Melbourne I hope you enjoy your day off and if you are anywhere else in the world I hope your day is a good day.


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